30 Minute Meditations on Being Human from the Life and Writings of Viktor Frankl, Day 14: Make Something of Yourself!

Viktor Frankl in an Interview

Lesson for the Day: The “raw material” of life has been given to you to make something out of it. You are, then, the “sculptor” of your own being, choosing to make a meaningful, lasting monument of your life.

“[A] person is free to shape his own character, and man is responsible for what he may have made out of himself. What matters is not the features of our character or the drives and instincts per se, but rather the stand we take toward them. And the capacity to take such a stand is what makes us human beings.”

Source: Viktor E. Frankl, The Will of Meaning: Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy (New York, N.Y.: New American Library, 1969, 1st printing 1970), p. 17.