30 Minute Meditations on Being Human from the Life and Writings of Viktor Frankl, Day 25: The Uniqueness of Each Person

The Uniqueness of the Human Person

Lesson for the Day: I would beg to differ, if you were to say to me, “I’m replaceable, because another person can always take my place, doing my job.” Of course, someone can do what you do, but no one, absolutely no one, can be you doing it. The work is unique to you; reserved, as it were, for only you. As Dr. Frankl says,

“Each human being is unique … and thus neither expendable nor replaceable. In other words, he is a particular individual with his unique personal characteristics who experiences a unique historical context in a world which has special opportunities and obligations reserved for him alone.”

Source: Viktor E. Frankl, Psychotherapy and Existentialism: Selected Papers on Logotherapy (New York, N.Y.: Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1967), p. 44.