Everyone Has Faith

0tu1b47rn.jpgLiving Involves Faith

We humans live by faith every day. There is no absolute, 100% certainty in living. It is impossible to live without faith. Living without faith is no more possible than living without air. Thus, we all believe, because we cannot prove everything that we think or say.

Acts of Faith

When we drive our vehicles to and from work, that is an act of faith, because we cannot prove, with absolute certainty, that we will make it to our respective destinations. That, however, does not stop most people from driving a car. When we board a plane, we do not have absolute proof that it will reach its destination. But that does not stop people from flying. In fact, 12 hours from now, we do not have 100% certainty that we will be alive. But that does not stop people from living.

Religious and Non-Religious Kinds of Faith

In an attempt to get around the proposition “Everyone has faith,” one of my students said, “Dr. Lent, I don’t believe in anything.” I said to him, “You do, indeed, believe, even if that means you ‘don’t believe in anything,’ for your statement itself is still a belief.” Similarly, the statements “I don’t believe in God” and “I believe in God” are statements of faith, for one can neither absolutely disprove nor prove God’s existence.

If a person does not believe in God, then that person usually believes in himself or herself or “humanity.” But those commitments are still acts of faith. Even if a person has religious faith, he or she cannot rationally prove every belief about God. To prove every belief is, in effect, to reduce faith to reason and, thus, not really have faith at all. Therefore, everyone has faith.