A Prayer to End Killing in the Name of God

Symbols of the Three Abrahamic Religions

the Lord of all peoples, nations and languages:
Save us from the insanity that all-too-often
lurks within the human heart.
Put an end to the senseless acts of killing,
which are committed in Your Name.
Since You are Love,
may we reject all acts of hatred
that use You to justify them.
Since You are Just,
may we bring to justice
those who commit acts of injustice in Your Name,
using religion to advance their political and ideological interests.
May we seek true peace, founded upon justice,
not a false “peace at any price,”
which compromises the advancement of human rights for all people,
regardless of their religion, race, nationality and gender.
May we tolerate our legitimate differences,
not evil and injustice.
May we rightfully use Your Name
to promote the truly human values
of love, peace, solidarity and justice among each other
and all peoples of the earth.