Life and Death Begin in a Person’s Mouth

Hungarian Jews before “Selection” in the Birkenau Death Camp, Circa Summer 1944.
The above-photo is of Hungarian Jews before “selection” in the Birkenau death camp, circa summer 1944. After the photo was taken, they were murdered, being gassed and sent directly to the crematorium. Anyone who says that there is nothing wrong with spreading false words and ideas about people needs to be reminded of the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler began with constantly calling the Jews “an inferior race,” describing them in less-than-human terms. Eventually, the Nazis believed him, taking part in the murder of millions of human beings. Indeed,
Words heal,
Words cleanse,
Words give life,
Words encourage,
Words discourage,
Words wound,
Words defile,
Words abuse,
Words torture and
Words kill.
Life and death begin in a person’s mouth. Death starts there by using the wrong words and labels to describe human beings, to dehumanize them. Then words, eventually, lead to actions, resulting in the persecution and murder of innocent people.
Words really do matter, leading to life or death. Use them wisely and carefully!

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