“One Blood”​ (Acts 17:26, KJV): My Black and White “Brothers”​ and “Sisters”​ in America

Blacks and Whites Together in Civil Rights Protests

Not a few times, I have been told by my White “brothers” and “sisters,” “What are you doing quoting Martin Luther King, Jr.; he was Black?” I have also have been told, not a few times, by my Black “brothers” and “sisters,” “Why are you quoting King; you are White?” Yes, King was Black; yes, too, I am White. Of course, not all Whites and Blacks are my literal, biological brothers and sisters. But in another sense, they are my “brothers and “sisters,” because we all share in a common human nature, in a common humanity; we all are human beings. We all have human blood, albeit different kinds of blood types, flowing through our human bodies. But the truth itself, whether it comes from a Black or White person, has no color.

I “run” into the same mentality in being a Christian pastor or minister. I have been told, not a few times, by my Christian brothers and sisters, “What are you doing quoting Viktor Frankl; he was not a Christian?” Similarly, “Why do you quote Mahatma Gandhi; he was a Hindu?” Again, “Why do you quote Malcolm X; you are not a Black Muslim?” Still again, after I preached a sermon on “Amos: The Prophet of Social Justice,” I was told, “You sound like a liberal.”

I believe that philosopher Arthur Holmes was right, when, in his book All Truth is God’s Truth, he wrote,

“All truth, no matter where it be found or by whom it be discovered, is still God’s truth.”

Why, then, do I quote authors from different races, skin-colors and religions? I believe, first or foremost, in the truth of what they are writing or saying. That truth is a reflection of God’s nature, for God is Truth. Therefore, for me, truth matters, whether it comes from a White woman or Black woman; a Christian, Jew, Muslim or an atheist. In other words, I am more concerned about what is right than what is White. I want to know what is true, even if it is not new.


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