False Ideas Your Brain May Tell You

Know about Your Brain

Here are four false ideas, which your brain may send to your mind for consideration. First, “You are a loser!” Now, if anything can attack a person’s self-esteem, giving him or her an inferiority complex, it is believing that error! Of course, you may, at times, perhaps many times, lose. But losing is not you; so it does not define you. Rather, losing is an event, something that happens to you.

Win or lose, you are still somebody; still someone. Distinguish, then, your person, your inner life of being a self, from the events in your outer life; the things that happen to you. You are a person, not a loser. 

Second, “You are worthless.” Simply reply to yourself, “I am not worthless; rather, the world is ‘worth’ — ‘less’ without me. That is how vital, how absolutely important, I am to life.”

Third, if your brain sends you the message, “You are nothing,” reply to that false idea, rejecting it as follows: “Indeed, I am ‘no’ — ‘thing,’ because I am someone, not something. I am a subject, not an object. I am a person!”

Fourth, If your brain ever says to you, “You are nobody,” reply to the message, “Since I have a body, I am somebody. I am, then, ‘weighty,’ significant or impressive. I matter as a human person, even if I may not matter to someone else.”

The human brain is always sending messages to the human mind. Not all of the messages are true. That is why the mind must be alert, responding to or refuting the errors a person’s brain sends to him or her.


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