Minute Meditation: A Matter of Economic Justice or What the American Government Owes Its Citizens during the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the United States, many state governors, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, are shutting down businesses or limiting their activities on which American citizens depend for their livelihood. Right now, Americans are undergoing economic suffering, losing or on the verge of losing their businesses. As that happens, they cannot fulfill their respective financial obligations, such as paying their monthly bills and feeding their families. They are also fearful of losing their homes and places of residence.

The politics of polarization, especially between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C., have gotten in the way of helping the American people in their time of need; many of whom are in desperate need. Economically, state governors are not suffering during the pandemic. They live “good,” comfortable lives. The elected officials in Washington are also living well.

Do not the citizens of the United States of America have the same fundamental rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as do their respective governors and elected officials in Washington? At the moment, those rights, especially the rights of business owners and their employees, are being undermined, even attacked, by government leaders who want their constituents to make economic sacrifices. Yet those same elected officials have not made economic sacrifices, because they continue to receive their government paychecks.

Thereforeif state governors take away the rights of American citizens to earn a living, those same governors, assisted by the state and federal governments, should reimburse Americans for their economic losses. That is a matter of fulfilling the demands of economic justice, which is what the government owes its citizens. That is the America ethic, an ethic of “liberty and justice for all.”


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