For Whom are You Voting in November, 2020?

Vote in 2020

Today, my neighbor asked me, “Tim, for whom are you voting in November?” I told her, ‘Ultimately, I will know in November.’ It was, admittedly, an evasive answer. The reason is that it is really not anyone’s business for whom I am voting. That is a private matter and, therefore, it is between a person and his or her conscience; or, if someone is a person of faith, between him or her and God.

While persons associated with different political parties have the right to encourage and tell me, “Vote Democrat,” “Vote Republican” or “Vote Libertarian,” my right to vote is still a voluntary act, which is from the Latin word voluntas, meaning “will.” I have, therefore, the right to vote as I choose. Using tactics or forms of manipulation to have people vote in a certain way is just as wrong as using religious forms of manipulation to “convert” a person, say, to Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Politically, since 1979, I have been a registered Independent. The reason is that I am more concerned about the person running for an office than his or her political party. On election day, for example, I never tell my students, ‘Vote Republican’ or ‘Vote Democrat.’ I simply tell them, ‘Go, and vote; let your vote be an expression of your conscience and values.”

Politically, I am neither on the Far Right nor the Far Left. I am a centrist. To me, being on the Far Right is just as misguided as being on the Far Left. Similarly, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I try to see the value of opposing political viewpoints, bring them into a synthesis and make an informed decision, to the best of my ability, about a candidate running for office. If I believe that a Democrat is the best candidate for a particular office, I vote for him or her. Conversely, if I am convinced that a Republican is the best candidate, I vote for that person.

I hope that you will vote in November! I will vote as an expression of my conscience and religious faith. But for whom you are voting is none of my business. However, if you wish to make it someone else’s business, well, then, that is your business!

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