A Prayer to God as “the Eternal Thou”


O God,
Be not to me merely theological words and ideas;
nor only abstractions, “sweeping” generalizations
about humankind and the world.
Be not to me merely philosophical concepts,
which are unrelated to life;
nor only doctrines to teach others.
Be not to me merely an objective, mental exercise,
which can easily be kept aloof,
distant from my life.
Rather, be to me an ever-present, living God,
always with me
and nearer to me than I am to myself.
Be to me a concrete, particular, here-and-now, spiritual presence,
a reality that is more real than matter itself.
O Infinite Subject,
enter into a person-to-person,
spiritual communion with me,
your finite subject.
Come to me in an “I-Thou,”
not an “I-It,” relationship,
for you are not an “It.”
Rather, you are “the Eternal Thou,” a Divine Person.
Let me know you not only with my head but also in my heart.
May I not only think of you but also experience you in the depths of my soul,
O God of my being.

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