Minute Meditation on the Greatest Need in a Human Being’s Life

St. Augustine: The Restless Soul

What is the greatest need of a human being?

It is not for more money;
nor for more
It is not for more
nor for
human relationships;
It is not for more
nor for better
health and fortune;
It is not for more
power and fame;
to be better than others;
nor for
a comfortable life.

As good as the above-mentioned things are, even as desirable as they may be, they are not the human’s person’s greatest need.

The greatest need in life is for God, for the human heart is an infinite abyss that only God can fill. Until that happens, something, or rather someone, will always be missing from a person’s heart; thus, making his or her life incomplete. Therefore,

Rest from your search,
O weary soul,
for only God can make you whole.

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