Minute Meditation on Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse

If someone attempts to abuse you verbally, saying, “You are worthless;” reply to him or her, “Indeed, the world is ‘worth’-‘less’ without me. That is how vital, how absolutely important, I am to life.”

Similarly, if someone says, “You are nothing;” answer him or her, “Indeed, I am ‘no’-‘thing,’ because I am someone, not something; a subject, not an object. I am a person!”

Likewise, if a person says to you, “You are nobody;” reply to him or her, “Since I have a body, I am somebody. I do, then, matter as a person, even if I don’t matter to you.”

Also, remember that all attempts to abuse others verbally makes less of the abuser, because such behavior is not worthy of the human person. being beneath his or her human dignity.

In the final analysis, there really is no good use nor excuse for abuse.

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