30 Minute Meditations on Being Human from the Life and Writings of Viktor Frankl, Day 12: Honoring American Soldiers

Viktor Frankl

Honorary Citizen of Austin, Texas


Lesson for the Day: Have an attitude of gratitude for American soldiers and the sacrifices they make to liberate oppressed peoples, even to the point of giving their lives for others.

“It really is not appropriate that you make me an honorary citizen. It would be more fitting if I make you an honorary logotherapist. Had not so many young soldiers from Texas, among them several from your city, risked and even sacrificed their lives, there would be no Frankl and no logotherapy today. You see, it was your Texas soldiers who liberated me and many others from the camp at .”

Source: Viktor E. Frankl, Viktor Frankl Recollections: An Autobiography, trans. Joseph Fabry and Judith Fabry (New York, N.Y.: Plenum Press, 1997), p. 101.

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